Welcome to I Plus M Solution

All our team take work very seriously and always strive to push the marketing, user experience, project managment and technical boundaries on all the projects so that we could deliver cutting edge technology with other combination elements into our projects and satisfy to our clients. Our mission is to maximize its local and international customer productivity and profitablility by providing IT business solution in an innovative manner.

Our Services

LAMP Platform

IT Business Development

I Plus M's web-based business application development covers wide range of services from ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, CMS/Design, SMS integration, portal development service, payment gateway, social network, accounting system, membership system, doc management solution, online video streaming or any tailor-made service, our developers have a well-defined approach towards web application development and are highly proficient in developing efficient custom solution for companies across diverse business domains, irrespective of their size on cloud based LAMP platform.

Online Video Solution

I Plus M Video

I Plus M Video provides a simple and highly scalable platform to deliver OTT video services with the highest QoE to any screen. It also provides the necessary cloud based CDN functions to allow the operator to monetize OTT video content. In short, we are specialized our video technology and offer the range of services as OTT video service platform, Android TV box customization, advertisement service, CDN deployment, Live Streaming, Video Portal, IPTV, Syndication, Telco broadcasting, Internet and Mobile Video.

IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy Services

I Plus M is a premium technology consulting company that furnishes you with a full range of solutions. We offer Internet Business consulting solutions such as IT strategy development, IT performance improvement, IT M& A, IT managed service, and IT project effectiveness. I Plus M work to understand their reality and deliver true results focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions, our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.